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Where we are:

From Raitenbuch (one of communities of Lenzkirch), from the  Holzmatten (on the road from Raitenbuch to Fischbach), from Berg (also part of Lenzkirch) and from the Schwende brooks run into the Urseetal. The former two bring their water into the Ursee. From the Ursee the water flows through the Urseetal and takes up the creeks from Berg and Schwende. At the spa hotel where the Urseebach flows into the Haslach, the center of Lenzkirch is found.

The Urseebach (creek) arises in the Ursee, a lake in the moor representing a glacial relict. The highmoor around has maintained its particular character. It contains numerous plants of marsh plants, which became  rare in the Black Forest as well as in Germany.