This sunday afternoon I took pictures of five different fritillaries: Argynnis paphia – Silver-washed Fritillary, Mesoacidalia/Argynnis aglaja – Dark Green Fritillary , Brenthis ino – Lesser Marbled Fritillary , Clossiana/Boloria selene – Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary , Clossiana/Boloria titania – Purple Bog Fritillary. However, the Blues and the Coppers are gone, since almost all the meadows got cut within a few days. In our garden a single female Purple-edge Copper (Lycaena hippothoe) could be seen.

Kaisermantel und Natterwurz-Perlmutterfalter an Alpenmilchlattich(Klick into the image to get the full version)

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