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Butterflies in the Urseetal

Pyrgus Malvae — Kleiner Würfeldickkopffalter — Grizzled skipper
Erynnis targes — Dunkler Dickkopffalter — Dingy skipper
Thymelicus lineola — Schwarzkolbiger Braun-Dickkopffalter — Essex skipper
Thymelicus sylvestris — Braunkolbiger Braun-Dickkopffalter — Small skipper
Ochlodes sylvanus — Rostfarbiger Dickkopffalter — Large skipper
Hesperia comma — Komma-Dickkopffalter — Silver-spotted skipper
Carterocephalus palaemon — Gelbwürfeliger Dickkopffalter — Chequered skipper
Spalia sertorius — Roter Würfeldickkopffalter — Red-underwing skipper

Aporia crataegi — Baum-Weißling — Black-veined white
Pieris brassicae — Großer Kohlweißling — Large white
Pieris rapae — Kleiner Kohlweißling — Small white
Pieris napi — Grünader-Weißling — Green-veined white
Anthocharis cardamines — Aurorafalter — Orange tip
Gonepteryx rhamni — Zitronenfalter — Common brimstone
Melanargia galathea — Schachbrettfalter — Marbled white
Colias crocea — Wander-Gelbling, Postillon — Dark clouded yellow
Leptidea sinapis/juvernica — Senf-/Tintenfleck-Weißling — Wood white
Colias palaeno — Hochmoorgelbling — Moorland clouded yellow

Lycaena hippothoe — Lilagold-Feuerfalter — Purple-edged copper
Lycaena alciphron — Violetter Feuerfalter — Purple-shot copper
Lycaena phleas — Kleiner Feuerfalter — Small coppper
Lycaena tityrus — Brauner Feuerfalter — Sooty copper
Thecla betulae — Nierenfleck-Zipfelfalter — Brown hairstreak
Satyrium w-album — Ulmen-Zipfelfalter — White-letter hairstreak
Callophrys rubi — Grüner Zipfelfalter — Green hairstreak

Celastrina argiolus — Faulbaumbläuling — Holly blue
Cupido argiades — Kurzschwänziger Bläuling — Short-tailed blue
Polyommotus semiargus — Rotklee-Bläuling — Mazarine blue
Pseudophilotes baton — Westlicher Quendel-Bläuling — Baton blue
Polyommatus icarus — Hauhechel-Bläuling — Common blue

Papilio machaon — Schwalbenschwanz — Swallowtail (Old world S.)

Argynnis paphia — Kaisermantel –Silver-washed fritillary
Argynnis aglaja — Großer Perlmutterfalter — Dark green fiitillary
Argynnis adippe — Feuriger Perlmutterfalter — High brown fritillary
Argynnis niobe — Mittlerer Perlmutterfalter — Niobe fritillary
Brenthis ino — Mädesüß-Perlmutterfalter — Lesser marbled fritillary
Boloria aquilonaris — Hochmoor-Perlmutterfalter — Cranberry fritillary
Boloria titania — Natterwurz-Perlmutterfalter — Titania’s fritillary
Boloria selene — Braunfleckiger Perlmutterfalter — Small pearl-bordered fritillary
Boloria euphrosyne — Silberfleck-Perlmutterfalter — Pearl-bordered fritillary
Boloria eunomia — Randring-Perlmutterfalter — (Ocellate) Bog fritillary

Nymphalis antiopa — Trauermantel — Mourning cloak
Nymphalis io — Tagpfauenauge — European peacock
Vanessa cardui — Distelfalter — Painted lady, Cosmopolitan
Vanessa atalanta — Admiral — Red admiral
Apatura iris — Großer Schillerfalter — Purple emperor
Araschnia levana — Landkärtchen — Map
Nymphalis C-album — C-Falter — Comma
Nymphalis urticae — Kleiner Fuchs — Small tortoiseshell

Melitaea athalia — Wachtelweizen-Scheckenfalter — Heath fritillary
Melitaea diamina — Baldrian Scheckenfalter — False heath fritillary

Aphantopus hyperantus — Schornsteinfeger — Ringlet
Pararge aegeria — Waldbrettspiel — Speckled wood
Lassiomata meara — Braunauge — Large wall brown

Coenonympha pamphilus — Kleiner Wiesenvögelchen — Small heath
Coenonympha glycerion — Rotbrauner Wiesenvögelchen — Chestnut heath
Maniola jurtina — Großes Ochsenauge — Meadow brown

Erebia ligea — Weißbindiger Mohrenfalter — Arran brown
Erebia meolans — Gelbbindiger Mohrenfalter– Piedmont ringlet

29.01.2016 28.06.2017 59 documented butterflies in the Urseetal.

Nochmal Bähnleradweg

On the 16th of may I cycled the bähnleradweg Neustadt – Lenkirch again. I observed Nymphalis antiopa, Pyrgus malvae, and an unknown geometridae, identified by as  Ematurga atomaria (LINNAEUS, 1758).

2015-05-16 Falter an der Gutach (13 von 16)
Trauermantel -Nymphalis antiopa
Trauermantel - Nymphalis antiopa
Trauermantel – Nymphalis antiopa
Pyrgus malvae - Kleiner Würfeldickkopffalter
Pyrgus malvae – Kleiner Würfeldickkopffalter – frisch
Pyrgus malvae -Kleiner Würfeldickkopffalter abgeflogen
Pyrgus malvae -Kleiner Würfeldickkopffalter abgeflogen
Ematurga atomaria - Heidespanner
Ematurga atomaria – Heidespanner
Ematurga atomaria  - Heidespanner mit Frau
Ematurga atomaria – Heidespanner mit Frau

Niobe Fritillary – Argynnis niobe, 47th butterfly species in the Urseetal

While putting all pictures from four years of observation into file, the next butterfly, the 47th in the Urseetal appeared: Argynnis niobe – Niobe Fritillary.


This butterfly lives in Baden-Württemberg (BW) almost exclusively in the Blackforest, preferably in the Hochschwarzwald and isolatedly on the Suebian AlB. Here it is suckling from red clover. Due the limited number of observation this species is not well researched, oviposition and the preferred larval plants are unknown.

This endangered butterfly is protected by federal law.

Purple Emperor

Logo Today, apart from Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta), Peacock butterfly (Nymphalis io) and Small Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis urticae) I took pictures of the Purple Emperor (Apatura iris; 1st photo alive) in the Urseetal.


Red Admiral – Apatura iris

This butterfly usually lives at the top of trees and is thus rarely seen. This one loved dog-shit. Species specific is the lack of an eyespot on the anterior wing upperside and the red colorization on the posterior wing underside as well as the spike in the white band there. Specifically protected by federal law, in Baden-Würrtemberg under observation (Part of the Red List of endangered species)


This sunday afternoon I took pictures of five different fritillaries: Argynnis paphia – Silver-washed Fritillary, Mesoacidalia/Argynnis aglaja – Dark Green Fritillary , Brenthis ino – Lesser Marbled Fritillary , Clossiana/Boloria selene – Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary , Clossiana/Boloria titania – Purple Bog Fritillary. However, the Blues and the Coppers are gone, since almost all the meadows got cut within a few days. In our garden a single female Purple-edge Copper (Lycaena hippothoe) could be seen.

Kaisermantel und Natterwurz-Perlmutterfalter an Alpenmilchlattich(Klick into the image to get the full version)

Little gift on Whitsunday: Cranberry fritillary

BoloraiAquilonaris_2011_06_16_IMGP8910Boloria aquilonaris a seriously endangerd species and therefore especially protected. It is the 45th butterfly species in the Urseetal.

On 12th and 16th of June, this butterfly could be observed.

The Lepiforum (Forum for butterflies and their friends) and Peter Simon from Titisee-Neustadt helped to identify the animal. Thanks a lot!